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The question concerning the Speer Blazer ammunition in rifles was raised several years ago when it was first introduced. Speer advised against using it in rifles with the problem being head separations as I recall.

Even though we may have used a product for a specific use for years with no adverse results it is best for several reasons to heed a manufacturers advice in the use of their product, they have tested it and have good reason to advise against a specific use in this case.

Besides, in my area there is no cost advantage to buying the Blazer in most calibers since the UMC, Winchester and Federal loss leaders are often less. You shouldn't leave fired cases laying around even if they aren't reloadable, there is the issue of littering. If you do business with a store which sells reloaded ammunition or fired brass you can usually sell the fired cases back to them and realize an even greater saving over the Blazer.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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