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Another 1911!

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Thinking of buying a new 1911. I'm gonna go with a 5" but not sure what brand I want. Any suggestions on the brand and caliber I should get? I Already own a Kimber, and a Springfield, both in .45 Just looking for some ideas!
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Well I own some polymer pistols too, and I prefer 1911's still.
Bird Of Prey said:
You should wait to get the Taurus pt1911 in stainless for less than $600? or have you considered the Smith & Wesson's line? Nothing like spreading out to different brands. I don't have any other 1911s to compare with but so far the Taurus is great. I don't enjoy shooting my polymers much (Xds and Glocks) since I bought a 1911.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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