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Another 1911!

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Thinking of buying a new 1911. I'm gonna go with a 5" but not sure what brand I want. Any suggestions on the brand and caliber I should get? I Already own a Kimber, and a Springfield, both in .45 Just looking for some ideas!
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Last year I went shopping for a new 1911a1, I was looking for a new affordable 1911a1 in 45acp for a shooter/beater/carry gun. I went looking for a S.A.M., Charles daly, or a Rock Iland Armory. I found nothing but a new Auto-Ordnance Army WW2 copy 1911a1 in 45acp for $389 at one of my local dealers. I owned two colts in the late 70's/early 80's which i no longer own(problems) and i still have one new springer that needs to be worked on(stovepipes). So my luck in getting a new 1911a1 to function properly right out of the box is slim to none. Well the new Auto-Ordnance Army WW2 copy proved me wrong. I added a full length guide rod and an 18# recoil spring, I then lubed it up with moly and off to the range to test fire it. I brought the first 1911a1 I ever shot that functioned and cycled properly too its a norinco with the same goodies in it(full length guide rod kit). The norinco is well used too. I have to say the new Auto-Ordnance Army WW2 copy performed awesome for 250rds+ never one stove pipe or jam. It cycled flawlessly just like my norinco does!!! The Auto-Ordnance did show it was a little tighter being brand new but it handled the same with less recoil, both 1911a1's felt alike when shooting them.

After owning 3 bad 1911a1's i purchased the used norinco and i never knew what hype of the 1911's was all about till i shot the norinco. After shooting the norinco i wanted to try one more brand new 1911a1 and i'm glad i purchased the new auto-ordnance army ww2 copy 1911a1. I did go back and purchase a new Springfield G.I. "45" on the grips 1911a1 too but i haven't shot it yet. I still have the new springer from the 90's in black park too that i need to break in yet too.

I'd say go with the Auto-Ordnance army ww2 copy 1911a1. My dealer is selling them for $449 now. I'd like to get another one before he goes higher on the price too. There made from 4140HT steel.

For a used 1911a1 i'd go for another norinco. My used norinco was hammered so i fitted a new IAI National match barrel bushing from CDNN $12, a new barrel from sportsmans guide$59, IAI wrap around rubber grips $8 from CDNN, a full length guide rod kit with 18# recoil spring for $10 from sportsmans guide. After some fitting i lubed it up with moly and took it to the range. I shot 3 cloverleafs @ 25yds using wolf ammo. I wanted to save the orginal barrel in good condition for the collector value.
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