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Another 1911!

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Thinking of buying a new 1911. I'm gonna go with a 5" but not sure what brand I want. Any suggestions on the brand and caliber I should get? I Already own a Kimber, and a Springfield, both in .45 Just looking for some ideas!
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I have 12 1911 clones. What is it you want to do that your current line up will not provide? If you want a good knock around shooter that is about as reliable as you could hope to find....... look at the Rock Island Armory (made in PI), for around $400.

Double the price and take a look at the S&W 1911's, POA and POI are very close out of the box, with mine and others that I've seen and or shot. They don't really shoot any better than the RIA's but they are nicer pistols.

If it's target shooting your looking to do with it: More money will take you to the land of Rock River ($1500 and up).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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