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I finally got the Ashley mounted on my 1894. There is no disapointment with this gun. It shot great with the buckhorn but now, Man alive it's sure death to whatever it takes aim at. The thing shoots right on top of the post at 50 yds. I have already messed up several times by taking a six o'clock hold on the target. The dang thing shoots at 6 o'clock. I have to hold on the bullseye. It simply shoots where you point it.

I shot a couple 3 shot strings today at 50 and the third shot hits 3 to 4 inches left. I think it is me but I was extra careful on the second string. I'll do some more shooting before atributing this to barrel heat.

Now for the legend:

I went down to our hunt lease to do some stand placement last Sat. and on the way back, three of us stopped at a friends to shoot 100 yds with Mike's new 7mm.08. It was doing lousy. Have not figured it out yet but we will. Anyway Mike says"pull out that 1984 and see what it will do". There was a 8 inch gong out at 100 yds and I shot two shots down there and missed. I said" Where is it going, it looks high. Can I shoot at your target Mike and see what is going on." He says yea and I get settled in and hold 4 inches over, just like I think I should. You guessed it BULLSEYE. It looked kind of impossing with those little 30- caliber holes all around out there in the black and that 44 cal hole right in the center.

I put her back in the truck and a new legend has begun. Now I can never miss with the thing because the mother of all raggings would begin. Sounds like a lot of pressure but I can take it. I hope I never miss with it, at least when I have witnesses.

Good to be back.;)

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Amother Legend

Chief Rid, glad you got the new Ashley for your 1894. When I put mine on my 1895ss (45/70) opened up a whole new world of shooting. I left the orig. rear sight on mine, and use it kind of like a center sight. First thing that happen was the fold up leaf broke on one of the ears, a call to marlin and they sent me a whole new rear sight. 3 days and it was here. I put the smaller rear sight in and can see this is gonna be a great pig and med range deer/bear rifle. Am making up a couple of shotshell loads for it just to have them along.
Enjoy the new sights, there hard to beat.

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Cheif RID-

Good to hear you like the new sight. I put a set of Brockman sights [basically the same as the Ashley] on my Guide Gun and really like them. I was a bit concerned that an aperture of that size would be difficult to make a precision shot with.

It is always a nice feeling to make one of those extraordinary shots with some people around. I was at the range with a buch of guys recently and they put up a coin at 50 yards. I hit it off-hand with the 45-70GG on the second shot. Needless to say I blew the smoke out of the end of the barrel and put it away;-)

God bless
Is it *ever* good to see this list up again. Without a doubt it is the best there is.
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