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Any .308 pet loads?

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I'm looking for some .308 load suggestions for 150gr hunting type spitzers and also 168gr match bullets.

I've seen 39.5gr IMR-3031 with a 168gr MatchKing mentioned, I assume with at 2.80" COL.

Any other suggestions?
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My long-time (and I'm talking 40 years) standard deer load is 47.0 W748 under the Hornady 150 spirepoint. WLR primer and either mil or commercial brass. That load is under max in commercial cases, and near max in mil brass.

My local police department trains sniper/SWAT teams. The head instructor wanted to find a practice load that duplicated the superb Federal Gold Medal Match. He came up with Fed brass, Fed 210 primers, 41.0 IMR4064 and the Sierra 168 Matchking. It's a very good load. VERY good.
Of those, I think I'd go with the CCI200 and then the Rem 9½ if the CCI doesn't cluster them in tightly enough. The WLR is quite hot. The Fed 210 is a sensitive primer, but only a bit hotter than the other two.
Several tens of years ago I ran tests of primers. I used known accuracy loads in .308 Win and in the .223, changing only the primer. I ranked primers in order of the velocity produced, averaged from 20 shots. (It was so long ago, I have no record of the loads used or the velocities, only the resultant rankings. Here they are from hottest at the top down to coolest:

Large Rifle

CCI 250
R 9½M
CCIBR/CCI200 (tie)
R 9½

Small Rifle

CCIBR4/CCI400 (tie)
R 6½

I didn't do any pistol primers, and can't say whether the results I got then would be the same if the tests were repeated - which I have no intention of doing even if I could find samples of all those primers today.
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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