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Any .308 pet loads?

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I'm looking for some .308 load suggestions for 150gr hunting type spitzers and also 168gr match bullets.

I've seen 39.5gr IMR-3031 with a 168gr MatchKing mentioned, I assume with at 2.80" COL.

Any other suggestions?
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Try either Varget or IMR-4064 with a CCI 200 primer (I use Winchester brass). I won't mention charge weights as you should always work up.

These are my two exclusive .308 powders. In fact, Varget is based off of 4064 with a few more goodies added in. In my X-Bolt, at the pressures I'm running, these two powders are interchangeable with the Varget being a little less temperature sensitive.
I really like 44 grains of Varget under a 168 grain Sierra BTHP. It is very accurate.
lol... funny you say that...

I was reluctant to post my load, so you did it for me! That is my exact load.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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