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Any .308 pet loads?

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I'm looking for some .308 load suggestions for 150gr hunting type spitzers and also 168gr match bullets.

I've seen 39.5gr IMR-3031 with a 168gr MatchKing mentioned, I assume with at 2.80" COL.

Any other suggestions?
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Thanks Rocky,

That 4064 load sounds very interesting! I've got everything to duplicate it, including the use of Federal brass but no 210 primers. I've got CCI-200, Rem 9-1/2 and WLR. Isn't Federal's 210 primer considered a hotter primer? ...close to a WLR, maybe?
Great info UncleNick!

I am wondering about one issue with regards to barrel length of my rifle. This is a new Ruger Hawkeye that I cut the barrel down to 20" for a handier hunting length. Federal power-shok 150gr loads clocked right at 2700fps.

My starting handloads with Sierra's 150gr Pro-Hunter spitzer, with a 2.750", COL clocked;

2515fps for 41.5gr of H-4895 w/CCI-200
2525fps for 44.0gr of W-748 w/WLR

Rocky's suggestion of 47gr of W-748 would figure to be right about 2,700fps out of my short, 20" tube, equaling the factory stuff.

I friend gave me a box of Sierra 168 MatchKings , I read that they usually do best between 2500 and 2600fps. If this is true I may have to push them a bit closer to max level loads to get into that velocity range with my short barrel?
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Great info, guys!

Doing some math... 43.5gr of IMR-4064 behind Sierra's 168MK should get me around 2525fps in my 20" barrel. I'll probably start with 41.0gr and work up towards 43.5gr but probably not beyond since that's 1/10 past Sierra's max.

Curiously, Hodgdon shows a considerably higher max of 45.9gr with the same 168gr MK than Sierra does but Sierra's data is using Federal brass which, I believe, UncleNick, you said was thicker than the Winchester brass that Hodgdon's data is using? Assuming the metallurgy is similar, this would mean that it's thicker with less capacity? Both state that they're using Federal's 210M primer.

I've added 44.0gr of Varget to my list... Hodgdon shows it to be smack in the middle of their min/max range.
From the responses here and a bit of Google'ing, it seems one can not go wrong loading a .308 with 4064, Varget, 4895, 3031 or W-748
I remember Charles Petty's article on primers in Handloader. ...I have also seen primers listed in order of "hotness" in various other books/magazines and my recollection of them generally matched Rocky's findings. Mr. Petty's article came as a surprise to me but since he was testing small rifle primers I thought maybe my memory was of large rifle primers.

Very interesting article by the CCI employee and something to ponder when choosing primers. I've tried primers from all the domestic companies, though not all at the same time, or in the same decade. All I've been able to say, for sure, is that standard Winchester primers are generally going to be hotter than CCI-200 and CCI-250 primers are about the same as the standard Winchester primers. I haven't used Remington or Federal enough, because I can't find them as often, to permanently place them in my own "hotness" chart and, if what the CCI employee says is true, I may never be able to.
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