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Howdy All-

I'm wondering if any of you have experience with reloading the MilSurp Powder - WC680?

I've read that it can be loaded with the data of AA 1680 which is why I'm interested. AA 1680 appears to provide good velocity for low pressure in a number of cartridges I'm loading for.

The price of WC680 appears to be a right around 1/2 which is why I'm giving it consideration.


Sky C.
Longmont, CO

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Sky King,

You'll do very well with the Surplus 680. I use it myself in the 357 Max with 180 gr. bullets. Does about 1850 FPS out of an 10" TC barrel I have with moderate pressure.

It appears to be around the burning rate of AA1680 so you should do OK with load data fro the AA powder.

Just be attentive for pressure signs as these (surplus) powders are non-canister so different lots can have substantially different burning rates at times. I haven't heard anything with the 680 Surplus thus far though.

The old WW680 (commercial-canister type) appears to have had a faster burning rate than the AA or Surplus stuff also.

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