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Anyone Familiar with Mauser M96?

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Im looking at a Mauser M96 American, its a modern straight pull bolt rifle not the old Swedish Mausers. Anyway, its chambered in 7mm Rem Mag which I have absolutely no interest in. So what Im wondering is if it would be a candidate for a barrel change/rechamber/etc. to something else I might actually be interested in, or if it would be cost prohibitive to change it much? Any information about this model would be appriciated.

Its probably a stretch but I thought it would be worth a try, the price seems to be right if I could turn it into something I want....I gotta get off these straight pulls:rolleyes:.
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Its a modern production rifle that was imported to the US around '99-2001 or so, if my facts are correct. From what I understand they were produced in Germany by one of the Steyr facilities and the model was called the M96 American. Again, I cant find that much about them so dont take any of that as gospel, its just what I've dug up around the internet.

They were quickly discontinued since predictably the American market didnt run out to pick up a straight pull bolt.
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