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I have just started testing some samples of this bullet (I got them from a friend) in 45 Colt. So far it looks very promising in my guns. I may have to buyt the mould.

Has anyone here given this bullet a workout? What were your results?

Here is what I have got on Saturday in my 5.5 inch stainless Ruger Bisley:

Powder/Charge/Primer/Avg Velocity/Comments
Unique/8.5/CCI 300/968/ Pleasent to shoot.
Unique/10.0/CCI 300/1093/ Clean and very accurate just over 1.5" group, 4 out of 5 went into 1". I think this is a max load for this combination.
2400/18.5/CCI 350/1182/Heavier load but not bad. Pretty clean for 2400 too.
2400/20.0/CCI 350/1241/Heavy load, but accurate and almost no unburned powder. I think this one is close to max for this combination. I could possible go up to 20.5, but why? This is plenty enough for anything I might encounter.

Let me know what ya'll have experienced.

Thanks and God Bless,
Mark in GA

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Shot a few (very few) with 7.5gr. AA#2, which is just what my powder measure happened to be set on. This was for my Bisley.

Nice load, easy recoil, reasonably accurate, probably about 1,000fps. Hit same point of aim as my 340gr. bullets out to 25 yards, I was tickled about that. Haven't heard any disparaging comments about this bullet at all. The ones I shot were from wheelweights and were about 280grains, actually.
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