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Their new dies do come apart easily for cleaning by pulling a pin so you don't have to adjust them again afterwards,
John was right on the money with that comment. Cleaning your dies frequently is important, especially when using cast bullets with lube, and these dies are great for cleaning! The radiused mouths of the dies are also helpful, guiding the cases into the dies, while moving from one station to the next. This prevents hangups and case mouths "catching" on the bottom of the dies, on the downstroke of the handle. The seating stem has a reversible plug with a roundnose and SWC profile on it, to accomidate either style bullet being loaded. Add to the mix a very sturdy depriming stem, that doubles as a stuck case extractor, and I think they are the best thought out dies on the market! Sure they cost a little more, but they're worth it.
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