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Anyone use williams 336a aperture sight?

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My old eyes just can't use open sights anymore and I can't bear to put a scope on my new 1894C. The new 1894's aren't drilled on the side of the receiver for the Williams FP anymore. So...

Does anyone have any experience with the Williams 5D-336 on an 1894? This is the sight without adjustment knobs that attaches to the two rear scope mount holes. Will it fit? Will the front sight have to be changed?

Would love to hear your experiences and opinions.

>edit 'cause I had the wrong dang part number.<
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What about the same questions with the WGRS-336? The catalogue only mentions it fitting the 336. Will it work on the 1894? I want a minimal change to the lines of the rifle...
Thanks for the reply... I did call Williams and the gentleman on the other end confirmed that the WGRS-336 would fit. He also said that I would almost certainly have to increase front sight height, but couldn't say how much until after I shot it because "Marlin has put so many different sight combinations out." I think I'm going to order one and see what happens.
The new FP that uses the 2 aft scope holes is available, I'm going with the WGRS because it is more compact and won't effect the lines of my new rifle as much. Once I settle on a load, I'll probably never change the sights again, so the easy adjustment of the FP has only minor appeal.

I'll post again after I get the new sight set up.
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