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First post here.  Wondering if anyone has used Hodgdon's new Benchmark powder for loading the 45-70 in Marlin lever guns.  I am contemplating trying it with LBT 440 grain cast bullets.  I want to try to max out (safely, of course) the velocity of this bullet in the Marlin - standard 1895 SS with ballard rifling.  

Thanks in advance and a great site here I might add.  Sorry I didn't find it before.  

By the way:  Does the Beartooth, 450 grain .458 cast bullet function in the Marlin?



P.S.  I assume all responsibility for loads fired in my guns.  I know sometimes it's hard to share specific data.

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Not YET!!!  We're finishing up testing for our new reloading manual, and I hope to have put a quantity of Benchmark through many cartridges!   The .45-70 and .444 are on the top of the list... more when we are done, but nothing I can report now... hang on!   There's lots to come, but nothing just now!

God Bless,


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I see the  you'll have mentioned benchmark, I have heard that it works best with heavier bullets.  I  AM presently looking into benchmark for use in my 50 Alaskan.  And from what I've heard, and from the people I have talked to  it seems to work great.  I have heard that people are getting 2000 fps with a 525 gr. gas check bullets in 50 Alaskan, so I would to assume  that it would also work great in  the 4570 with heavier bullets

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I've also looked into using Benchmark in the .45/70.  So far I havent found much information other than this from Hodgdon:

Firearm:               Marlin & Ruger
Case:                   Winchester
Primer:                 CCI 220
Bullet:                  Speer 400g SP

Start:         55 gr            Max: 58.5 gr
Velocity:     1856 fps               1986 fps
Pressure:   29,600 cup           40,000 cup

I have yet to try any cast bullets, because the local supply is inferior and I am still waiting for my first shipment of BTBs.  Benchmark, in other another caliber that I shoot, has been superb--consistent metering and consistent velocities.



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Here is a set of benchmark data I worked up a while back.  Been meaning to post in on Loadswap but just haven't gotten around to it.  There is also some h322 data.  

From what I can tell, Benchmarck is a little too slow to get the best velocities from a 405gr bullet.  I'm sure it will do really well with the mid-400 grain range.

45-70 Loads

All loads used:
Brass - Starline
Primer - Rem 9-1/2
Bullet - Remington 405 gr
Gun - Marlin Guide Gun - 18-3/4" barrel - 3x9 scope
Data from 5 shot groups. Velocities are average of the five.

54 gr Benchmark - 1848 fps - Group < 1"
55 gr Benchmark - 1881 fps - Group < 1"
56 gr Benchmark - 1911 fps - Group < 3/4"
All loads perfectly safe.

52 gr H322 - 1847 fps - Group < 1 - 1/4"
53 gr H322 - 1903 fps - Group < 1/2"
54 gr H322 - 1937 fps - Group < 1 - 1/2"
54.5 gr H322 - 1954 fps - Group < 1"
At 54.5, the brass was slightly sticking in the chamber. This is too hot for my taste. I definely like that 53 gr load.

Hope you find this useful or at least, interesting.
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