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Aperture sights

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I had occasion to try out a friend's aperture sight and I've decided to get one for my old model 94. I'm looking at the Lyman and the Williams versions. What are the opinions here on these or any others you guys might have tried?
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Hi Uncle, I am sort of new to posting but I have been here a while.. after reading your comment and request for opini ons , I felt that I would like to say a thing or two about receiver sights on lever action winchesters. I bought a 1972 mfg 94 Winchester from a pawn shop. a year or so back. I call it my chicken house gun, because the overall condition when I got it appeared as though the previous owner had left it out in the chicken house for about 20 years and not bothered to clean it at all during that time. anyway to make a long story . the back sight was broken and the front sight was bent. I decided to get a williams receiver sight and put on it. I also got a lyman target front sight for it. after cleaning it up. and putting the sights on it. I discovered that the bore was in excellent condition, the reason it had no rust was because it had a heavy coat of green copper fouling. Also the wood had a very nice figure to it. It must have been a very attractive piece when it was new. Now I shoot 170 grain gas checked bullets ,sized to .311 with 18 grains of Imr 4198. At 50 yards, It will shoot 1" 10 shot groups most of the time...It is my absolute most favorite rifle to take to the range just to have fun with. Other shooters around me cant believe it when they see the excellent groupings on my targets especially from an old clunker 30-30 .shooting hand made bullets and hand loaded cartridges. put on the receiver sights, you will love it.I guarantee it.. I cant say that one brand is better than any other. just get the one you like . thanks for allowing me to ramble on so. regards, Simple
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Hello Unclepaddy
I have both williams and lyman receiver sights more williams that lyman just like the looks of the williams over the lyman eather one is good. They all have twilight apetures 3/8 X .090 with a 1/16 gold front bead.
I like the Williams fool proof, and have them on several rifles. I have no experience with the Lyman sight, but can't say I've heard anything negative about them either. I'm just used to the Williams from using my Dad's 32 special model 94 when I was a kid.
My favorite receiver sight is the older-vintage Lyman, which is all steel. Today, bith Lyman and Williams sights are aluminum. There's nothing concrete I can point at to recommend one over the other, but I just have a sneaky feeling the Williams is a bit more rugged. Heck, I may be all wrong on that.

And there are many fans of the Skinner sights. They are very simple and rugged, and really all you need on a hunting rifle. They are of the "ghost ring" variety, with large apertures. Of course, with the Lyman and Williams sights all you have to do is screw out the aperture insert and, voila -- ghost ring.
Both are equal in my opinion unless you get a chance at an older steel Lyman. Eithe will easily withstand more abuse than a scope. You will almost certantly need a taller front sight also. Williams sells the as a set I think.
I just put a Lyman on my .32 Special. Nice setup. You
cant beat a peep for speed and accuracy. A lot faster
than open sights.

The Lyman sight has many advantages for the lever-gun hunter. The Lyman sight allows for the slide to be removed at the push of a button. This allows the use of the open sights quickly and easily.
The slide on the Lyman sight is more easily marked for specific loads and you can purchase a new elevation scale if you change loads.

Both the Lyman and the Williams sight allow the setting of a stop for a point blank hunting load.

The Williams sight allows the easy installation of target knobs for use on the range between hunting seasons or for small game loads. The problem with the Williams sight for the range shooter is the requirement for two screw drivers in order to adjust windage and elevation.

Both sights are good with the Lyman just a little easier to work with. The problem with Lyman is their short sighted business strategy and their failure to make sights for various new rifles and the Marlins short sighted policy of discontinuing the drilling and tapping their receivers for the Lyman sights.
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---The problem with the Williams sight for the range shooter is the requirement for two screw drivers in order to adjust windage and elevation. ---
Both the small and large screwdriver blades of a Swiss Officer pocket knife have the correkt size for the adjustment screws on the William reciever sight. I would humbly remark, that a man is naked without a pocket knife, and this sight reason is as good as all other reasons for getting a Victorinox or Wenger knife.

I have the Williams 5D on my win 94 and Marlin GG, but kinda wish that I would have gone with the FP for ease of use... but, it is a very rugged, simple sight, although it does have 2 different screw sizes. Drilling and tapping the side of the receiver will cost about $15 for a gunsmith to do, if it is not already done on your rifle. Also, you will need a new front sight (higher), and if durability is a major concern, don't get the Firesight, as the fiberoptic light pipe has a tendency to break in them. My hi-vis solution was a Lyman white bead, which is much more durable.

Just my .02, God Bless, Ryan
I have got to learn to work smiley faces! I have cut myself with every knife I own!
39a comp rifle

;);)For my competition rifle I have fitted an Anshutz aperture sight with adjustable iris, front sight is a Globe sight. only usable for range competition.
My 92 is fitted with both Marbles tang sight and a Marlin folding back sight so as I can use either depending on which competition. Drives me nuts
remembering all the adjustments
The original post if over 2 years old!
hmm, wonder what unclepaddy put on his carbine?
The original post 'is' over 2 years old!
hmm, wonder what unclepaddy put on his carbine?
Well, I dont know how Uncle Pmade out with his sight but for 94BB, I bought a second Case Trapper, have not cut myself, yet!
Put a Merit adjustable iris aperture on your sight and you won't need to remove it to use the open sights. Or, simply remove the original aperture insert and shoot it naked (ghost ring style)
Lots of noise about the old all steel Lymans and Redfields, and they fetch a pretty penney these days but I have always prefered the Williams Fool Proof because inqusitive hands or in one case a practical joker friend of mine, can't monkey with the adjustments..and the cost is very reasonable and I have never seen one break, none of mine have and some are pretty old and used.
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