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Good article.

Couple questions.

How is the thermal transfer rate as compared to aluminum in actual use? Can you cast with a slightly cooler alloy temp relatively with the brass?

Do they have less of a propensity to gall at the sprue-plate?

How is the fillout as compared to aluminum?


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The Applegate brass mold blocks are very robust, and in my experience the thermal transfer rate is roughly halfway between ferrous iron blocks and aluminum.  This doesn't allow for as fast a cycle time when using the molds as when compared to aluminum, but it does allow casting at a lower temperature due to the higher retained caloric content of the brass blocks.  Fillout on these blocks, especially with the superb, and extensive venting Applegate employs, is outstanding.  I've not had any difficulties with them not filling out, even when not yet up to efficient casting temperature.

As far as galling is concerned, it hasn't been an issue.  Applegate pre-treats the mold's top surface area with a product called Lubri-Plate, it is very effective against galling, and a light treatment of the product every 2,000-2,500 bullets is all it takes to keep the sprue plate cutting smoothly and without binding.

With the hardened steel pins and seats, the life-span of the molds should be nearly indefinine with just a little care.

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