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Are Blazer 40gn .22LR and CCI Mini-Mag 40gn LR the Same?

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I got to looking at the specs on these two cartridges. Both are 40gn @ 1235fps, and both are headstamped CCI.

I would like to use the Blazers to practice and the CCI to hunt. However, I don't want to be contaminating the CCI lube with Blazer lube or vice versa. Therefore, does anyone know if they use the same stuff? I don't want to sight in one only to find out that the POI has shifted and end up having to shoot 20 just to get the barrel re-seasoned.

The CCI Mini-Mags let me hit small game at 100yds; the Blazer is not 100% consistent beyond 50yds or so. In other words, given a 1" PB for the vitals, I'm confident of hitting it with the Mini-Mags, not so much the Blazers.

I do form both in D Rock's tool, but Blazers just have more variation from cartridge to cartridge when powder charges and bullet weights are concerned.


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CCI Mini-mag and CCI Blazer ARE NOT THE SAME!

The Blazer are lead and the Mini-mag are copper washed/plated.

As to shooting a bunch of a given ammo to season a bore, well if it makes a big difference I should go on the road and let my Clark Custom 77/22 start making me some bucks with winnings.

I have switched many times between off the shelf ammos and match/target ammos and between lead and copper plated and the rifle just keeps shooting nice little groups, group after group after group after group after g----------------!

The rifle has a .920 Walther barrel and just simply shoots very well.

Now, if I was in money shoots, possibly?????? I might gain something by seasoning but as said earlier if it makes that much difference this rifle would shoot fantastically well.

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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SongDog, Try "group" rather then "pattern" when referring to the center to center measurement of rounds fired from your rifles/handguns.

Typically "pattern" is a reference to the dispersion of shot when patterned from a shot gun, while from handguns and rifles, the term used is group.

When a person refers to his non-shotgun firearm shooting a pattern, it is usually a "tongue-in-cheek" reference to that firearm "grouping" VERY POORLY.

Like such and such rifle was shooting patterns rather then groups.

And, the group from CCI Blazers when compared to CCI Mini Mags. will greatly depend on the likes of a given firearm and the quality of the barrel.

Hard to tell just where things will shake out with all the current obamanations and with companies such as Federal Cartridge Company and CCI (Cascade cartridge Corporation) now being owned by the same company, ATK, but in the past the Blazers have been known for their good value and shootability.

To the point where CCI Blazers were used by a good number of shooters as a practice ammo in preparation for their more formal, shooting for score, target sessions.

I hope it remains at that level of quality and reasonable price!!!!!!

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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