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Are Blazer 40gn .22LR and CCI Mini-Mag 40gn LR the Same?

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I got to looking at the specs on these two cartridges. Both are 40gn @ 1235fps, and both are headstamped CCI.

I would like to use the Blazers to practice and the CCI to hunt. However, I don't want to be contaminating the CCI lube with Blazer lube or vice versa. Therefore, does anyone know if they use the same stuff? I don't want to sight in one only to find out that the POI has shifted and end up having to shoot 20 just to get the barrel re-seasoned.

The CCI Mini-Mags let me hit small game at 100yds; the Blazer is not 100% consistent beyond 50yds or so. In other words, given a 1" PB for the vitals, I'm confident of hitting it with the Mini-Mags, not so much the Blazers.

I do form both in D Rock's tool, but Blazers just have more variation from cartridge to cartridge when powder charges and bullet weights are concerned.


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"I suspect that Blazers are factory seconds of the CCI ammo, as most big box store promotional ammo is, from the other manufactures. " this is often repeated on the internet, but is incorrect.

Think of this. WalMart and other BIG stores sell 10 times as many of so called " promotional brands" than they do the regular or premium brands. If the promo brands were "seconds" then that means the the companies are making a product that is 80% bad sconds. Just doesn't work that way in manufacturing.

You might also want to think of the issues of promo rounds being out of spec on velocity, the only way to check velocity I know of is to fire the late to call that one a 'second'. ammo manufacturers get less than one cent a round for thier much checking can they do? Not much.

Sometimes they can save a few cents A BOX by bulk packaging and not supplying those plastic shell holders; but in reality there is little difference between promo rounds and standard.

Going back to the origial post, one of my rifles shoots the Blazer much more accurate than the Mini-Mag; groups are about half the size with the Blazer. I've heard losts of supposed reson why one ammo works in a 22 and another doesn't.......all i know is tht in 22 lead RF rifles some ammo works better than another in a given rifle.
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