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Are Blazer 40gn .22LR and CCI Mini-Mag 40gn LR the Same?

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I got to looking at the specs on these two cartridges. Both are 40gn @ 1235fps, and both are headstamped CCI.

I would like to use the Blazers to practice and the CCI to hunt. However, I don't want to be contaminating the CCI lube with Blazer lube or vice versa. Therefore, does anyone know if they use the same stuff? I don't want to sight in one only to find out that the POI has shifted and end up having to shoot 20 just to get the barrel re-seasoned.

The CCI Mini-Mags let me hit small game at 100yds; the Blazer is not 100% consistent beyond 50yds or so. In other words, given a 1" PB for the vitals, I'm confident of hitting it with the Mini-Mags, not so much the Blazers.

I do form both in D Rock's tool, but Blazers just have more variation from cartridge to cartridge when powder charges and bullet weights are concerned.


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I spent most of a summer years ago shooting 3 seperate .22lr rifles with somewhwere in the neighborhood of 2 dozen different types of .22 ammo to include the CCI Blazer, Stinger, Mini Mag, Max V, Green Tag, SGB as well as Remington Thunderbolt, Golden Sabre, Viper, Yellow Jacket, Winchester Super X , Federal standard, Lightning, Gold Metal Match as well as some Aguila , Eley Tennex and others . Of note the CCI Blazers were at that time some of the first .22 bullets to use a Lube Aloy slick coating . In all 3 firearms they proved to be more accurate than most and as you fired more of them the groups tightened up some but most impressive was the lack of flyers . I actually settled on these as my standard cannon fodder ammo after that . I am nearly out of them now but have found the Federal Lightnings that are coated with the same lube to be even better yet . I can only attribute this to the same rule that applies to shooting cast bullets in centerfire handguns and rifles when it comes to lubes. One they must be soft enough to leave the lube grooves in the bullets by the time they exit the barrel and the other is to stay with one lube or expect the groups to open up when switching lubes until the new lube takes over and works it way into the bore .

This is leading me to experiment with adding lubes to .22 ammo and as I am just starting on this venture so it is too soon to give any insight on this . I will try to follow up in the spring as we are knee deep in snow at this time .

10 Spot
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