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Are semi autos less powerful than a bolt action?

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Im sorry i keep asking so many questions about this rifle!I heard that semi autos are less powerful than a bolt action.Is this true?
Browning BAR 7mm Rem Mag.

Edit:Sorry i didnt know.i wont do it again!
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7mm mag in any rifle semi auto or other, I guarantee that will drop a deer at 250 yrds any days of the week if you hit in the vital area. I was hunting with a friend several years back and he shoot a cow moose across a lake with a BAR .300 Win Mag ( 180 gr. Winchester factory load ) and the cow did not go further than few yrds. No GPS on those days, but on a map 1 mile per inch that was close to a 400 yrds. shoot.
The personal experience with a BAR was with a 30.06, with my own reloads, 165 grain tip, IMR 4350 near max at 100 yds it print from 1/2" to 1-1/4" for 5 round...all the time. The BAR belong to friend of mine, he later replaced with Voere bolt action in . 270 win. caliber.
I would be disapointed if the 7mm mag did not equal or better that performance.
One other fellow I hunt with, that also own a BAR chambered for the .300 win. mag. we never got to the range togheter, but I remember He like his gun and praise the accuracy.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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