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Are semi autos less powerful than a bolt action?

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Im sorry i keep asking so many questions about this rifle!I heard that semi autos are less powerful than a bolt action.Is this true?
Browning BAR 7mm Rem Mag.

Edit:Sorry i didnt know.i wont do it again!
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yes and thank you,ive just heard that semi autos are less powerful due to the GASES used to cycle the action.i didnt think about the barrel lengh.
But will a 7mm mag semi auto will drop a deer at 250 yards?
ok,thanks.i'll have pics when i get it!
LMAO!sorry,i asked a dumb question!lol
what kind of groups can i expect from the BAR 7 mag at 100 yards?
also whats better?Longtrac or Safrai model?
i think i'll just get a 7 mag bolt action.
another thing,im used to shootin a bolt action.
i killed 2 does 3 mins apart with a 243 bolt action.
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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