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Arisaka? HXP 7 7

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I was in the military for quite a while. I began buying firearms and storing them in the States when I was OCONUS. I ended up getting a pretty good sized firearm collection. I had mostly guns, some of which I got, well, just because, and others because I wanted to shoot them. I had an Arisaka 7.7 which I never actually got around to firing because I bought it just when the Covid crap was kicking off and I never took it to the range because my range time was drastically limited by restrictions. I have some ammo that a buddy told me a couple years ago was specifically for the Arisaka. It's stamped HXP 7 7. I asked Professor Google but got conflicting answers. I can't try the feed because I'm unemployed involuntarily so I've had to sell most of my babies, losing money on all of them. I have some of the alleged 7.7 ammo left and since I'm still unemployed I want to give it to someone who has an Ari 7.7. Unfortunately he's several hours away and I don't want to drive 6 hours round trip and find out that it was wasted. Can anyone actually confirm, without doubt, if the HXP 7.7 is for the ari 7.7x58, or is it Greek 30-06, as some pages said? Thanks in advance.
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If you have a micrometer or caliper, measure rim dia, shoulder diameter and distance from base to point of shoulder. I have the drawings for comparison.
The HXP headstamp is on ammunition made by PYRKAL, a.k.a. the Greek Powder & Cartridge Company, Athens, Greece. The company was set up to make U.S. spec 30-06 when the U.S. was providing 30-06 rifles to the Greek military, though it has made European calibers in the past and makes NATO calibers today. It follows the military convention of putting the last two digits of the year of manufacture on the headstamp along with the manufacturer's initials. So HXP 77 is HXP ammunition made in 1977. The ammunition is most likely 30-06, as a number of Garand users have reported good results from HXP 77 in the Garand. If that is correct, when you measure its overall length, you will find it is 3.32-3.34 inches long, whereas the 7.7×58 is 3.04 to almost 3.06 inches long.
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I have had some and I don't believe it is Jap, I think we shot it in our garand and it had differet numbers, I think it is correct that it is a date
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