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Hello from Scotland~

Last week end was the moment of truth ! It was my first chance to shoot Marlina my .444 ss with her newly fitted "Ashley gost ring set"

Now i have "NEVER" owned a centrefire with open sights, infact i would go further and say here in Britain we are brought up with scopes on our hunting rifles.........I do not think i,ve ever met a hunter without a scope and certinally very few would even think of open sights !

I have heard many good things said of gost rings on this and other sites which really has "opened" my eyes to other options. I hoped i would be able to shoot well enough as once fitted to my Marlin it really improved the whole feel and maneuverability, and if possible i did not want to re-fit a scope and spoil the "feel"

I have to say "im impressed" the Ashley set is very basic and i did not expect to do very well with it, particularly as i was stuck on our 200 yard firing point !

I was shooting the Lee 310 bullet over 45 gn of N133 giving 1840 f.p.s and at 200 yards i did not expect to hit the 4'x5' sliding target board let alone the Mcqueen 200 yard black bull (18" i believe)

My first shot at a small tuft of grass on the sand back stop impacted around 10-12" to the right ! ( luck certinally) after slackening the two screws and tapping the gost ring across slighlty my second shot was spot on !! I was certinally very lucky that the sight was almost zeroed to start with it made it alot easier and probably helped my confidence no end !

Now i turned my attentions on the Mcqueen bull ......every shot into the black ! Boy ! I even impressed myself ! It was so easy. I could not have hoped to shoot as well as this with these sights, my scope will certinally NOT be going back on Marlina !

As to the grouping im not sure 4"? 6 " ? approx, to be honest i dont really care as i DO NOT intend to use it on deer at that range any way. My intention is woodland deer which will be alot less than that ! I now im confident that i can put my lee 310 bullet into the kill zone on any deer i come across while hunting in woods.

Im very very pleased with my Ashley gost ring set, if you havent tried them on your .444...please do ..and free it from that chunky scope.


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ENGLANDER, I have the Ashley on my 1895ss 45/70. I'am shooting a 425gr gc hard cast, at a hundred yds I cn keep everything in the black (2ins). I dont care for scopes on levers (my thing), but the Ashley shur help these 60+ eyes.

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