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I don't know whether you are looking for cast or jacketed data, but I'll give you both!

For cast bullet loads try these:

BTB .310"-160g WLNGC/34.0g H335/WLRP/Win Brass

BTB .310"-170g LMNGC/32.0g H335/WLRP/Win Brass

The Marlin .336 has large diameter throats and Micro-Groove barrels that thrive on .310" diameter cast bullets... any smaller and your accuracy suffers to the severe extreme!

As for Jacketed stuff, well they've all killed deer reliably for ages... but my top pick would be the new Barnes X designed specifically for the .30-30 to obtain performance all out of proportion to the paper ballistics of the century+ old .30-30.   This bullet shoots well, and penetrates like no tomorrow... makes the old .30-30 just that much more useful than it ever has been!

In factory fodder, PMC's El Dorado line uses their own monolithic copper hollowpoint bullet designed for the .30-30 called the Starfire Bullet... actually came out before Barnes' offering in their X bullets.   This PMC ammo is loaded hot and shoots exceptionally well in most .30-30's, and delivers superb on-target game performance.  

Either the factory PMC load above or the Barnes X bullet will deliver similar game performance to hard-cast lead on game... very little or no bloodshot meat and excellent penetration qualities.

Hope this helps you out!

God bless,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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