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I am sitting at home this weekend because I have a terrible head and chest cold. I would be in a tree this morning with my recurve, but noooo. I have a cold. Could it be from the 90+ degree heat and 100% humidity I hunted in last weekend.. Let's see. Two hour drive in a air conditioned truck. 5 hours in a tree. Reasonably comfortable I might add. Two hours of putting out feed and stringing barbed wire, as I contracted poison oak and fought fire ants. Had to start constant water replacement at this point.

Drive 30 min. into town to eat lunch at a all you could eat buffet and hang around there drinking tea until I could drag myself out of the chair and head back to the lease. Hurry through the gate before a massive thunderstorm hit at about 2:30 and was gone by 2:35. Sat around camp until about 5:00 and then back into the tree until dark thirty. I had to keep putting ice water in my hat just to stay on stand. I am sure I educated more than the one deer that blew at me that evening.

Yea. I'm in the right place this morning. By this afternoon I will be wishing I had been in a tree this morning.
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