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Aussie Shooters need help URGENTLY - Online Poll

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There is a major push at the moment to ban hand guns here in Australia. We need your full support at this time of need. Please help us by voting NO for the ban of 'automatic' handguns:

Please pass this on to other gun sites and forums. Thankyou.
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I checked it out and voted.

Yikes it's too close for comfort.

Yes: 27085
No : 30308
I voted....

I voted for ya mate:D
Is this poll anything like legitimate? I voted (No, of course) and then they showed the totals. 21463-Yes and 21234-No. How can this be when two days ago J Miller sees 27085-Yes and 30308-No? They subtracting votes or just putting up any old numbers they feel like?
You know that liberal media DMC, if it ain't going their way, they'll make it go their way! :mad: :eek:
When I read DMC's comment, I thought; could they be deleting out of country votes?
That way they could concentrate on manipulating the Austrailian votes to their desired results.
Checked again today (Saturday). 33205-Yes, 44672-No. Don't know if they're manipulating, but it's MSN, so I wouldn't stake too much trust in it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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