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I've been back for a couple of weeks after travelling through the states of New York,Ohio, Michigan(I took the SS Badger,A car ferry , across Lake Michigan. I think it's nick name is the 'Barf Barge'." ,Wisconsin,Minnesota, North Dakota,Montana,Idaho,Washington,Back into Idaho,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming,Nebraska,Iowa,Indiana,Ohiop,New York and home to the Bay State.

I had a fun trip except the ambulence ride to Rawlins ER. Us flatlanders aren't used to the high altitude and the smoke and dust from the fires doesn't help either.

I had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people and shot a few varmints. Found a sapphire in the Salmon River. Almost went for a ride when I lost my footing and then roasted my back in the sun while panning for gold. Did'nt think you'ld get sunburned.

I'm glad to see the forum up. I've been out of the loop for a while and I plan to take off again now that the doctors OK'd my heart and the mechanic OK'd my truck. Those Wyoming roads really take a toll on ball joinst and universals.

I took 17 rolls of film on this trip. I have a roll of slides on Konica Picturew Show and I'd like to post some of the pictures of Lake Michigan and North Dakota. But I am not sure how to do it unless someone gives me step by step directions. I'm still learning how to use one of these here computers.
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