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Not sure this is the right forum to ask this question, so moderators, if you feel the need please move it to the correct one.

I've seen them on various hunting TV shows and wanted to ask for opinions. The back scabbards for the lever action rifles. Looks like a really handy way to carry a Winchester or Marlin lever rifle. Has anyone ever used one. Legacy Sports International carrys them and I just received their catalog, which prompted this thread. I can see where it would have severe limitations on carrying my 24" barreled M94 but how about a 20" or even a 16" lever action, be it a M94 or M92 clone. Any opinions?

They want almost $300 for it and while that is quite a bit out of MY range, I'm sure I could make one. I've never had any experience with using one. I've used a sling for many a year and that definitely has its limitations. Looking for input here guys.
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