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thank you all for your suggestions.
i was wondering what about the .35 whelen, or .350 rem mag - are they not enough for a charging bear? or a BAR in .338 win mag could it jam???

Of course it could jam. Probably not going to and your only defense against a feed problem is to have a single shot. That's why double rifles were the way to go in Africa for dangerous game for so long. Two single shots.
If you are thinking of a gun to carry on you while you hunt, you need to limit the size of the gun. As you know it would be a pain to try and sneak within bow range while packing a large hunting rifle.
I packed a super blackhawk 44 while working in Grizz country. Didn't ever think I would need it, but I had it. The problem with a handgun is that if you don't shoot it a bunch, you probably won't shoot it well enough to count on it in a bad situation.
A marlin is a good choice. I wouldn't get the guide gun myself just because the standard barrel length is very handy so I don't think the 18" barrel is a huge advantage but I do think that the porting is a problem. You want to be able to use the gun that you buy for backup for a future hunt, and I wouldn't even think of shooting that ported gun without hearing protection. I think you could do dammage to your ears when you shoot at a critter with the ported version.
They don't make the critter that you can't kill with the 45-70 and stout loads. The lever gun gives you quick loads also.
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