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I am trying to come up with a good load for the .44 mag. I have tried H4227 with horrible results.I recently bought some 2400 and was not impressed at all. I shoot Unique for practice loads.
I know that full house loads of W296 and/or H110 are probably the ultimate.
But-- I don't want the super speed loads. I want to have a 240 gr cast bullet travel at about 13-1400 fps. "They" say to not reduce the above powders loads by more than 3% because you run into load density problems. A 3% reduction according to my books leaves you over 1500 fps.

I have started working with the Accurate powders #7 and #9 and like them very much, but they also are ball powders. Is load density a concern here?

I have also heard that temperature changes affect ball powders more than others.

If anyone has some thoughts, words of wisdom, or better yet, some experience with these powders jump in here
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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