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Ballistic tables - IPhone Apps

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Has anyone used any of the IPhone apps for ballistic references? I saw some of them listed on the IPhone app store and wondered if anyone has used them, and if any of them were worth having. Thanks!
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"let fly" is a ballistics calculator app. it costs .99 cents and it comes programmed with tons of factory cartridges and you can customize your own handload with bc, velocity and weight. You can adjust everything like barometric pressure, temperature, wind and much more. A very good calculator for .99 cents. i am not dissapointed
uncle nick

you can select from g1 g2 g5 g6 g7 g8

Im not sure what you mean by multiple bc's with different break points. you can customize your cartridge with different bullets and customize the bc's for said bullet. so you can have like three .223 cartridges for example each with a different mv, bullet weight, bc and so on. Now i'm sure that is not what your asking. If you mean different velocity break points as in at different velocity's you can adjust the bc for that velocity, so you might have three slightly different bc's at different velocitys for the same shot... the answer is no.. this program is most likely not as advanced as you would like it unclenick.. it is pretty basic and user friendly. not to say your not user friendly..LOL.. but it is also accurate and versitile.
Unclenick yeah I've noticed that about sierra bullets and have been meaning to start a thread here about that but You've answered that pretty well.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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