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Banging My Scope

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I have a Rem. 722 savage .300 and a Rem. 700 22-250.  The 722 ejects brass into my scope. (UP)   The 700 ejects to the side..    

 My question is, can I swap bolts..
They both fit my 722.  OR   Should I just order a new bolt....      
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DO NOT SWAP BOLTS!!!  Your rifles are headspaced to the relationship between the boltface and chamber, and is individual and unique to that rifle.  If you change the bolt, you will have to check and perhaps adjust headspace accordingly.

It's been some time since I had both a 722/721 and a 700 side by side to compare bolts/extractors and ejectors to help you diagnose the problem.  Perhaps one of our other sages of wisdom might shed some light here for us all.

By all means, don't just swap the bolts!

Be safe, and God Bless,

Hi, Scout:
  My older 700 has the extractor "hook" at the 10:30 position, while the newer one has the "hook" at 9<!--emo&:0--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':0'><!--endemo-->0 o'clock. However, the older one is a .222, and may be different because of that. Both have the ejector plunger at 4:30. These clock angles are with the bolt open, looking at it from the front.

  I'd look for a bent extractor. See if the hook is uneven where it contracts the case rim. I'd suspect it's only gripping the case at the top end.

  Your bolts should have the last 4 digits of the rifle's serial number on it. This is to avoid the mixups that Marshall warned you about.

  A new extractor is &#3610-12 and much cheaper than buying and fitting a new bolt. IIRC, the 722 extractor is riveted, and you might want a gunsmith to install it.

  Is the ejected case hitting the scope's adjusting knob, rather than the barrel? Try rolling the scope 90° counter-clockwise so the knob is out of the way.

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Thanks guys, it is fixed...    you helped out and didn’t event know it....    Marshall, headspace is what I was worried about, thanks...    Would like to upgrade bolt, but not necessary at this time...    

  Jack, thanks for telling me yours is riveted...  I didn’t remember seeing any fasteners when I looked last...    I have a floating extractor.  
     This rifle was handed down from my Grandfathers uncle to him, and him to me....   so.... may have had work done at one time...

 I just rotated the extractor to a lower position, and Walla... Just as advertised...    No problem...    Now I am excited to go shooting...    
   Man I love this post...    All my questions get an answer no matter what...........

                   Scout Thanks you...  now lets go shootin.

I just love happy endings!   Next thing you know, Scout will be riding happily into the sunset :biggrin:

Glad to hear the problem's fixed!

God Bless,

Hi, Scout:
  I took a closer look at my bolts (#%&*#@ bifocals). The older one has a riveted extractor. The rivet goes through the bolt at the 5:30 position and the extractor goes around to the 1<!--emo&:0--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':0'><!--endemo-->0 o'clock position. I can see how the extractor could rotate clockwise if it breaks off at the rivet or the rivet is missing.

  The newer one doesn't have a rivet, but the end goes into a pit at at 5<!--emo&:0--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':0'><!--endemo-->0 o'clock. It wraps around inside the bolt face to 1:30.  It's easy to roll it around clockwise by pushing on the hook with a small punch. This brings the end of the extractor to a small notch in the boltface. You can pry it out here. (CAREFULL). (The newer bolt has the guide notch in the right lug. I think Remington changed extractors at the same time they added the guide notch?)

  I wonder how your's got rotated? Oh well, learned something new today.


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    Looked close at the extractor, smooth on both ends don’t see any retainer function.    Maybe middle design.   Any way thanks for your time.   It made all the difference....    
              Thanks again...     Scout

                Marshall, If I get my Redhawk back some time next week, I will be riding off into the sunset....
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