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I have a 7.5" .44 Mag Stainless Steel Super Blackhawk, that I would like to lap. Would your recommendation be to start with 5 or 6 shots with the 280 grit or just use the 320 grit for the whole process? Also what would be a good load using red dot as the powder? Thank you for the information.

Ray C.

P.S. Your Technical Guide is great! I can't wait for the loading manual!

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I would suggest that you skip the 280 grit lapping compound and stick with the 320 grit Silicone Carbide as outlined in the Technical Guide.

The only reason for the 280 grit is if you have a very severe (0.0025+) constriction where the barrel shank screws into the frame.  And even then in very severe cases only.  

My preference is to use the 320 grit for the entire project.  It may be slightly slower, but you don't make mistakes using it, and once metal is removed, we can't put it back on.

For a lapping load try using 4.5g of Red Dot, it should give you the velocity you need for your lapping project!

Keep us posted!

God Bless,

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