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Barrels coming apart?

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I just got my old Belgian double back from my smith that did some lockup and bore work on the gun and test fired it with what he believed to be hot handloads he bought at a gun show (real smart right?). All of the work he did looks great and he did a fine job but now I can hear debris rattling down the barrel when I flip the gun up and down. What is this? Will it get worse? Do I need to have the barrels re-soldered?
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I checked the barrels and its definitely them. It sounds like little pieces of rust or something bouncing down a cavity in-between the barrels. Does that mean that they weren't soldered right or moisture is getting in there somehow?
Still worried about gun coming apart. Need some help here please.
Yes the bore is 100% spotless. It was polished by the smith and i ran a bore snake through it just to get the dust. I should go shoot the gun and see if that seems to dislodge more junk.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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