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Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
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(Tuesday, November 26, 2002) -- Well, it took more than a year, but
the long, hard battle to arm the nation's pilots has finally paid

President George Bush signed legislation yesterday that requires the
federal government to begin arming commercial pilots -- a move that
should help deter future terrorists from hijacking American planes.

From the very beginning, getting guns into airline cockpits was a
huge, uphill battle. The President was lukewarm to the idea. The
Federal Aviation Administration administrator was opposed. And the
largest airline pilots association (ALPA) was also against the idea

But after mobilizing tens of thousands of gun owners and pilots
around the country, GOA supporters began to see the momentum change.

When the House and Senate passed legislation last year allowing
pilots to be armed, many Americans celebrated -- perhaps a bit
prematurely. The administration decided to torpedo the legislation
by refusing to implement the law.

That's why the Congress had to return this year and pass legislation
mandating that the Bush administration put armed pilots in the air.
Both the House and Senate passed legislation with overwhelming
numbers -- each chamber garnering a veto-proof majority.

Eventually, the administration was forced to put up the white flag.
The armed pilots amendment was stuck into the Homeland Security Act,
and with its enactment yesterday, the new law mandates that pilots
will soon be carrying guns.

Upward of 30,000 pilots are expected to apply to carry arms. The
legislation says that administration officials should begin arming
pilots within 90 days.

Thanks for all your hard work. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a
safe holiday!

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I agree with you that battles can be won and when we win it is very satisfying. On the other hand it can be very frustrating. Take the state of New Jersey for instance. Rest assured the "smart gun" criteria as having just cleared a conference committee is sure to be signed into law. I really feel bad for firearms owners there and other states such as California.The pro-gun voices seem to be entirely "suffocated". I cannot imagine living under such a repressive atmosphere. I truly wish the best for fellow enthusiasts in these and other states. Unless there is a drastic change in their state legislatures, things will only be worse for them. I really wish the "sleeping giant" would awaken, and cause all firearms owners to unite. Have a great holiday season!

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Have to win some lose some I guess..

Seems like we gain ground then lose ground Scott. If the people in those states don't fight harder ,well then they kind of deserve it. We are battling here in Ohio just for the right for CCW. I wish the entire USA had your state of Vermonts carry law! Crime would drop off drastically! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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NRAjoe -

My best friend and shooting buddy is an AA pilot who regularly flies American Airline flight 77 out of Dulles to LA. Needless to say, this has been a stressful year for him.

I don't think that most people realize how responsible a commercial pilot feels for his/her passengers. We sit back there and hope everything is OK, but someone up front is MAKING it OK.

For a while, these pilots were denied the use of firearms to protect the cockpit, but faced being shot down by US fighters if they were taken over. Given their responsibiltiy to the passengers, this made their country a potential enemy.

You can imagine how this made my friend, a former Navy pilot, feel.

He is now training to shoot with his left hand over his right shoulder (he is a captain and sits in the left seat). All I can say is, he takes this responsibility very, very seriously and is GOOD at it....
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