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If you REALLY want to know what the BC is, you could get a Oehler M43 Personal Ballistics Laboratory. Bad news is it would cost you about $1050 for the unit and the parts needed for checking velocity at the standard distance plus 100yds from that distance. Oops, I forgot that you'd need a loptop to take to the range to hook it to also. The added benefit is that this unit will also help to determine safe chamber pressure for reloads. I really want one, but I can't quite justify it as of yet.

One means of getting it close, if you have a weapon accurate enough to give reliable results, would be to fire groups at 50 yds dead on with a scope and then fire the same groups 100 yds with the same scope and the amount of drop could be taken into account along with the height of the scope above the bore and you could fiddle with exterior ballistics programs until you found a close match. This would be a lot of fiddling around.

I know this doesn't satisfy your scientific side, but the most useful time you could probably spend on this project would be to take the gun out and shoot it at variable distances, since this is the only truly reliable means for determining where the bullets going to be anyway.

HERE is a link, if you're curious, or a fanatic with deep pockets.
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