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Well, got back f rom the range after sighting in my Marlin (Glenfield) in .30-30. I have recently become a convert to Dan Newberry's loading method (see the sticky in our Ballistics forum). Rather than try an endless combination of powders, primers, charge weights.... etc..... I looked up the "Optimum Barrel Times" f rom Chris Long's site. Plug the numbers into Quickload for a 20" barrel, and the capacity of the cases I was using, as well as the dimensions of the Beartooth 160gr. bullet. Quickload suggested 34 grains of Varget and so it was.

Loaded them to engrave the rifling as the lever closes, and crimped well with a Lee Factory Crimp die. Reward.... 5 shots in an inch and five eighths at 100 yards, starting with one in the chamber and 4 in the mag tube.

Gotta say.... it doesn't work out that way every time.... but you love it when one trip to the range and you're done :D :D :D

Can't wait to see what Marshall's little pill will do to a pig. Illuminated reticle scope is waiting to be mounted for dark-thirty pig shooting.....

This will make a nice companion to my .35 Rem, which is shooting the Beartooth 185gr. "+p" pistol bullet. Both guns run a little under 2,300fps with 20" barrels.

As a side note, it's entertaining to watch the guys with scoped bolt guns who can't group as well (and I was one of them today, because my wife's 6mm won't shoot some brands for squat. Embarrassing when the bolt gun is shooting 6 inch patterns at the same distance!).
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