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This Summer I have made arrangements for real time shooting test to be made on trapped amd free runing wild hogs on one of the largest South Florida ranches. Since we all "know" the Super Mags above .44 Mag will knock the taste out of a Griz bear's mouth, I am not going to waste time on wild hogs with them. These wild hogs can run into the 400 pound plus class and if you have ever faced once up close, you would have a healthy respect for "Nature's Tank".
In the .357 Mag, The Remington 180 jacketed bullet is an all time favorite. We will test the BTB 185 FNGC against it for wound channel and penetration. Since I have already seen this bullet in action, I'm sure it performs better that the Remington. In .44 Mag, we will be shooting the BTB 250 gr LNFGC, Contenders 280 gr OWC, and the new BTB 265 gr bullet. Our MV will be in the 1200/1300'/". Later in the Summer we may test the .41 Mag and .45 LC. We will have to see how the time runs.
Now, Here's what I want from you all for the data base....Actual kill results with jacketed and cast bullets in .357 and .44 Mag. I already have Marshall's results on the .357 Mag in the Marlin carbine. I think these tests will wipe out any idea that the .44 Mag is a "peashooter" once and for all. This test is for real world results and not what people might "think" their handgun is doing! Having killed many big wild hogs with the .44 mag I pretty well know what the results will show. I am not going to be doing the shooting, It will be done by two expert hunter/shooters that will tell it like it is! All these formulas, theories, and whatall don't mean anything compared to digging in a carcass...nasty but!!!!
Best Regards To All, James
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