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Got a question for you relating to shooting bare a___d, no, bare bottomed gas checked bullets.
I have a delightfully accurate 300 grain gas checked bullet for my 45 Colt Rossi Winchester 92 clone. I occasionally use this bullet in my Colt Anaconda.
I've tried using this bullet sans gas check in both firearms. It was so inaccurate as to be dangerous to the people standing beside and behind me, we had no idea where those bullets would impact.
I use air cooled wheel weight alloy, with a bit of tin to aid in fill out. The load was 9.5 to 10 grains of Unique. I size the bullet to .454.
My normal load with the gas check in place is 20 grains of H110. This load puts the bullet just where I want it to go. Again the bullet is sized .454.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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