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All my reloading experience was 20 years ago, loading for 45ACP. We used a Rockchucker to begin with, and evloved to a Dilon RL450B. I used the 4 station apporach,
Size and decap/prime
Powder funnel/expander/flair
Taper Crimp.

The new Dillon funnel expander is way too small -- mikes .428. How do I get a .432 bullet in the case? My cylinders are .432 with a .430 bore in the Rugers, and the Marlin slugs at .431, so it looks like .432 is indeed the right choice.
The Redding dies i bought have an appropriate expander, but this forces me to seat and crimp in the same die, which would perfer not to do.  Is this bad? Any suggestions?

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I haven't contacted Dillon about the issue, but in years past they were very accomodating to customer requests, a neck expanding/powder charging insert of the proper diameter shouldn't be much of a problem to provide.

However, I use the same expanding insert for my Dillon, and have no problem loading even .433" diameter bullets.  Just adjust your die so that the case mouth is moderately flared, enough to get the bullet started into the case without shaving lead.  I can't imagine that you wouldn't be able to use your existing setup as it sits for  your purposes.

Let us know if you continue to have difficulties!

God Bless,

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