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All my reloading experience was 20 years ago, loading for 45ACP. We used a Rockchucker to begin with, and evloved to a Dilon RL450B. I used the 4 station apporach,
Size and decap/prime
Powder funnel/expander/flair
Taper Crimp.

The new Dillon funnel expander is way too small -- mikes .428. How do I get a .432 bullet in the case? My cylinders are .432 with a .430 bore in the Rugers, and the Marlin slugs at .431, so it looks like .432 is indeed the right choice.
The Redding dies i bought have an appropriate expander, but this forces me to seat and crimp in the same die, which would perfer not to do.  Is this bad? Any suggestions?
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