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I have bin reading all I can find about bullets and handgun hunting. I have a scoped RB 454 and need your opinions on bullets.
I hunt in Norway and the “moose” over here are a bit smaller than in USA. Living wait max 600kg / 1350lb but normal wait is 400kg / 880lb. I think that 70-80 yards is max for me and the shooting will be from a stand. I normally get 2-3” groups at 55 yard sitting on the ground and rest the gun on my knees.
Please give me your opinion on jacked vs. hard cast at this size critter. Witch jacked 300grs is the best and/or how heavy hard cast should I use? (I have some 350grs that give promising accuracy) Witch velocity do I need with the different bullets and waits? And witch bullet will kill the animal fastest with the same hit?          


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You have an excellent tool of harvest, and based on the hunting conditions that you have described, I would recommend using the WLN series of bullets for your purposes.  The wide .360" meplats will cut large permanant wound channels all the way through your moose, and provide the maximum terminal performance possible.  I would suggest either the .452"-345g WLNGC bullet or our .452"-355g WLNGC bullet for harvesting your moose over there.

Accuracy is superb, and acheiving 1400-1500 fps with these bullets is easily accomplished with H110/W296, AA #9 or N110 powders in your handgun.

Keep us posted on your handgunning for moose in Norway!

Thanks for the post, and God Bless,

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