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Questions for the members of the levergun forum...

What cast bullet designs have you had the best luck with in a .25-20 lever gun?

Best luck with GC designs or plain base?

Hard or soft for the alloy?

Sized diameter?

Looks like I may have landed a nice little Marlin 1894CL and want to get started working on loads but could use some recommendations about bullets.


Sky C.
Longmont, CO

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Sky C I use Lyman's 257420 mold, which is a 65 gr. flat nose gas check design. I drop the bullets in water as I cast them using straight wheel weights for the alloy. I found the use of gas checks necessary to obtain accurracy at all. The bullets are sized at .258. In my gun a mild load of IMR 4227, while dirty, gave sufficient accuracy for gophers at 125-150 yard range. You will be pleasantly surprised at the power this little cartridge has. I very foolishly let my friend buy my little Marlin and have regretted that ever since.
Good shooting
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