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best hunting load 45 colt lever gun

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What is your best hunting load for hunting deer pigs coyots and black bear.NEED HELP THANKS
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I have a couple that will probably work for you
255 gr SWC , 9gr Bulleye 1450 fps 1/2"group 50 yds for the smaller stuff!
For deer ,bear what ever 300 gr WFN , 23 Gr H110, 1625fps
1"to 1.5" groups at 50yds a real thumper!:D

Man you gotta love the .45 LC in a rifle!!:cool:
I think your seeing what I saw with the XTP's. My 94AE will not group them any tigher than 2" at 50 yds!! But when I use Cast bullets my 94AE just sings! I've had on a very good day sub 1/2' groups with the 255 SWC -one ragged hole!!! For the 300gr if I get an 1"-1 1/2" I'm Happy!!!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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