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Best projectile for long range with a 300 win mag

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I have a surgeon built 300 win mag in a McMillan a-5 with a 27.5 Krieger barrel and night force nsx 8-32. I'm very new to magnums and reloading but plan on loading for this rifle I was thinking on Sierra 190 bthp. But don't want to dump a bunch of cash on bullets then find something that does better for this application.... Any advise?
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My friends and I have killed over 20 moose with Accubonds. They work great. The long range version has no advantage until you exceed 400 yards which is for experts only. They may have some disadvantage at 50 yard as they may over expand, though I have no personal experience in that regard. Your Accubonds, as well as several of the bullets suggested here, will work just fine for elk or deer in Eastern Oregon.
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