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Best projectile for long range with a 300 win mag

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I have a surgeon built 300 win mag in a McMillan a-5 with a 27.5 Krieger barrel and night force nsx 8-32. I'm very new to magnums and reloading but plan on loading for this rifle I was thinking on Sierra 190 bthp. But don't want to dump a bunch of cash on bullets then find something that does better for this application.... Any advise?
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I'm planning on using it for elk in eastern Oregon which I all high desert but also might do some competitive LR in the future...
Thank you everyone for all the input. But one more question if I like nosler rounds on my rifle what do u think on factory seconds? How blemished are they? How much will it have on ANY effects?
Berger 210 vld vs. Berger 215 hybrid? Distance, accuracy, and knock down?
I just got 200 accubond nosler, 190 smk, 210 vld and probly gonna test some 215 hybrids with h-1000 and rl 22.... Any thoughts?
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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