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Best Sizer For big hard cast bullets

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Hey, I won the superbowl office pool!, gonna get me a good sizer.  I want one sturdy that can size a big hard bullet.  What are your favorites?  I am somewhat concerned that the nose punches needed for LBT- style bullets are not available, can you just use flat?  

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Yes, I use a flat punch in my Star Sizer for sizing the LBT designs.

The Star is basically the only push through design still available. The Pitzer used to be the other. All the other models eject a bullet back out the way it went in. If I had this type, I would get the Redding because the top punches thread in and stay centered. Also the guide rail setup in the press makes for more even movement of the ram. Quality is superb also.

The RCBS and Lyman are the same type which eject a bullet back out the way it came in. The top punches are held in with a set screw which some feel can result in off center sized bullets due to the punches retaining hole being slightly larger than the punch stem. Don't know for sure about the validity of that complaint though. I have heard it more than once however.

My first Lubrizer was a Lyman and I found that with the softer alloys, it was quite easy the actually squeeze or bend the bullet if you weren't careful when it hit the bottom of the die. Although to be fair, I think this could happen with any ejection type Lubrisizer.

Again, this is a subjective opinion.

Dollars to donuts, I prefer a push through machine for speed.


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How do you seat your gaschecks? I usually set a square piece of aluminum on top of the sizing die and set a check on top and use the punch to set a bullet into it squarely. Then I remove the aluminum square  and size base first as normal crimping the check on.

Just curious for a better way of doing it.

Thanks Marshall

That's really some great info. Now I can pickup the pace even more seating checks.

It pays to ask a Pro!

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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