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We're from the same middle-class, working-class Long Island. You were the homecoming queen at Commack High School. I was nothing at Shamana (ph) High School.

O'DONNELL: But let me tell you this, we didn't have the money to go to Shamana.

O'REILLY: Right. Well, I didn't either, but my father made a supreme sacrifice to get me there. But anyway, we're the same person. Now I watch you, and I see a person whose values don't reflect Long Island any more. I mean...

O'DONNELL: I don't think that's true.

O'REILLY: Well, let me run down a couple of things.

O'DONNELL: OK, but let's -- let me say after each one, I want to respond, because here's...

O'REILLY: Oh, absolutely.

O'DONNELL: ... one thing. Anything you're going to talk to me about guns, I want to say it's after Columbine. Children were killed, and I am a mother, and I was devastated by that fact. That's number one. And I'm not excusing my behavior, and I stand by what I said, although some of my comments in retrospect seem a little outlandish.

Like the day after Columbine, when I said, Anyone who has a gun should go to jail. I was afraid that children were being killed every day.

O'REILLY: So you would take that back.

O'DONNELL: Yes. It was the day after Columbine...

O'REILLY: Right.

O'DONNELL: ... and I was watching these children be pulled out of windows with their bloody bodies, and...

O'REILLY: You reacted emotionally.

O'DONNELL: Well, emotionally. And you know what else, Bill? I also have some issues with depression in my life, and feeling as though sometimes the bad guys are in control.

O'REILLY: OK, so you weren't at your, the top of your game there.

O'DONNELL: No, I wasn't.


O'DONNELL: But I do think that the passion with which I spoke about why we shouldn't have these instruments that kill so many kids around so readily. I still stand by that.

O'REILLY: OK. No one wants children to have access to guns...


O'REILLY: ... and no one wants dead children.


O'REILLY: But the point of the matter is that when people like you speak out, it makes headlines...

O'DONNELL: Correct.

O'REILLY: ... (UNINTELLIGIBLE) -- but my point (UNINTELLIGIBLE) is that you, Barbara Streisand, and a lot of the celebrities who come off very judgmental. You have bodyguards, right?

O'DONNELL: Do I have a bodyguard?

O'REILLY: You have bodyguards.

O'DONNELL: Yes, I do.

O'REILLY: Because you need them.


O'REILLY: You're controversial, OK?


O'REILLY: They pack. And they...

O'DONNELL: They have guns.

O'REILLY: To protect you and your family.


O'REILLY: You have to give that same right to other people.

O'DONNELL: But I never said, I said I want all guns licensed and registered -- except for the day after Columbine, when I said nobody should have a gun.
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