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I think Mr. O'Rielly made a very important point:  Rosie O'Donnell and her family are PROTECTED by people who carry GUNS!  She is a hypocrite.  I cannot afford to hire a bodyguard to protect my wife and children; she can.  She is rich; I am not.  She is famous and has the luxury of opening her mouth in front of a camera and her views will get exposure.  The fact that she has this fame and a talk show where she can spew forth her opinions on national television makes her an authority to some people; especialy those who cannot think for themselves.  Their votes carry the same weight as yours and mine.

Gun grabbing polititians get a lot of help from people like her.  And a lot of Americans fall right in line with the views of the famous.  I'm afraid many will not wake up.  They think that these people are experts on the subject; when in fact they live in gated communities, separated from the rest of us with no exposure to everyday life.  Rest assured, these people will still have armed bodyguards after you and I are disarmed.  Remember that they have already proved in Great Britain and Austrailia that "registration" means "confiscation."

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but every time I see O'Donnell's face or hear her voice I want to vomit.  To me she is no authority and has no interest in the safety of my children; but she wants to take away my GOD given right to protect them with whatever means I can obtain.

She should stick to what she is actually an "expert" in, stand up comedy (although I don't think she is funny either).
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