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Hey guys,

I got a pretty dumb newbie question. I just bought at Remington 700 VTR in .243 WIN with a Leupold scope and rings. I had the Scope, Bases and Rings installed professionally when i bought the rifle but, i bought a caldwell bipod to mount one of the sling swivel studs ( it comes with 2 installed). My problem is with the bipod installed my crosshairs are canted to the right. Is this because its over tightened? should i leave some play in the bipod and take the slack out myself when i fire? Or, do i need to put some kind of shim material on the right side to even it out? This is my first bolt action scoped rifle i have ever owned I'm an Army Infantry squad leader so my experience in rifles is in the AR/M16/M4 variety so most of the optics i deal with attach with a picatinny rail and rail grabber. Sorry about the dumb rookie question figured this has to be the best place to ask the question. I love this site! TONS of good people and experience.

Thanks in advance,

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